John McGinnis Speaks at TEDx Whitefish

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Synergy Founder John W. McGinnis gave a presentation titled A Breakthrough In Regional Mobility at TEDx Whitefish 2014.

His premise: the fast, quiet, comfortable, technically advanced aircraft of the future will let people live in chosen environments yet still connect – physically, and quickly – with people and resources in other locations. This empowering possibility is currently at a stage like that of the very earliest mobile phones: expensive and impractical. Yet we know how that turned out when the underlying obstacles were removed.

John was detained in the wings long after his introduction, eventually told that his visual materials would not be presented, then abruptly sent out anyway. When they later began flashing out of sequence behind him, an emotional process of trying to synch up and adapt began that made this, in his words, “the worst presentation I ever gave in my life. I want a do-over!”

The WWI ‘academic argument’ mentioned in the video (incorrectly as if in WWII) is engagingly documented in Enigma of the Aerofoil by David Bloor.

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