A Visit to Synergy Aircraft

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A Visit to Synergy Aircraft

Josh and Isaac Latterell flew in to visit and volunteer on the project. After a brief checkout on the tricky mold construction underway, and since Josh answers the phones at Elm Digital Marketing, they decided to record their Q&A instead, then sent us this nice video interview. A wide range of insights were uncovered in […]

Boxwing Designs: Synergy Copies?

Several followers have written to ask about the Lockheed Boxwing: an older design which, like a lot of other non-planar configurations, has seen new attention since the debut of Synergy. (For instance, in an article in the May 2012 Popular Science.) Some have actually wondered whether they are ‘trying to copy Synergy’ now, or what […]

John McGinnis Speaks at TEDx Whitefish

Synergy Founder John W. McGinnis gave a presentation titled A Breakthrough In Regional Mobility at TEDx Whitefish 2014. His premise: the fast, quiet, comfortable, technically advanced aircraft of the future will let people live in chosen environments yet still connect – physically, and quickly – with people and resources in other locations. This empowering possibility is currently at […]